It had become a ritual. Every morning Grandma would place a shining apple on the dining table for me to eat during breakfast. She believed in the whole an apple a day thing. I don’t even remember when it started but for as long as I can remember there has been an apple lovingly placed by my grandma on the table for me. It did put me in a good mood every morning. However frustrating my previous day had been I would always look forward to the morning with the apple. I loved the ritual. It kept me hopeful of the promises of the new day.

I remember my mom would tease me. What would you do when you get married and go to your husband’s house? Will you ask your husband’s grandma to pamper you with apples in the morning? It was a running joke. We all shared a lot of laughs over it.

As time would have it I did get married and shifted out of the house. The ritual had to stop much to my dismay.

But it was not long before I was back in the old house.

And my grandma’s apples lovingly kept for me brought me a lot of comfort and helped soothe the pain my broken marriage had caused. With every morning I got over the terrible pain a little bit more. One day at a time.

Things have changed now. I am no longer sad about what happened with my marriage or the fact that I could never marry again. It never bothered me to be single. I was and have been quite comfortable and content in the old house. The ritual has of course been a great support.

So many years have gone by. My memory is fading. It has been decades since my parents passed away. I am alone now.

I should ask grandma to stop giving me the apples now. I don’t even have teeth for them anymore.

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