When I was a student every time I visited a book store I would be struck with this feeling of nervous anxiety and sadness. The thought of all the books that I could not yet afford to buy would make me very restless. I would tell myself on every trip that as soon as I start earning I am never going to return from a bookstore feeling like I have left a part of myself there for lack of money.

Eventually I did start earning and with that I began this ritual of buying a book on the 1st January every year. I have this belief that what you do on the 1st day of the year is what you end up doing the whole year. I am not sure from where this idea got stuck in my head but it has stayed and stayed for good.

So every 1st January of the new year would find me going to the nearest book store to pick a book or two. It helps make the beginning of the year more positive and hopeful for me. Whether I am suffering from loss of love or mind or peace or sleep; whether I was able to make some good resolutions or not; whether I was able to wake up early and happy on the first day of the year; whether the new party the night before was a success or a depressing fiasco; whether I am feeling upbeat and raring to take on the new year by its horns or feeling downer than down in the dumps – this small deliberate step of going to the store, browsing through shelves full of books and selecting some to buy and keep with me forever is one big step towards something right, something positive, something good to look forward to and cherish already about the new year.

Ergo come rain or shine 1st of January will find me in a book store to give the new year one good thing to start with.


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