It’s Not That Time Of The Year Without…

It’s not that time of the year without… The frantic cleaning, scrubbing and washing Of every nook and cranny, till it all sparkles as new. The desperate search for the string lights Carefully wrapped and packed away the year before. The invites to Navaratri Golus With all dolls out deities or not. The general feelingContinue reading “It’s Not That Time Of The Year Without…”

Review – Roar by Cecelia Ahern

For our book-club this month we all read Roar by Cecilia Ahern, and what a wonderful read it turned out to be. Our discussion went well over the usually stipulated one hour, with everyone having a lot to share and talk about. This is a book of 30 short stories all centred around women. AndContinue reading “Review – Roar by Cecelia Ahern”

The Book Club – February Chapter

Running in the Family by Michael Ondaatje This February, we read Michael Ondaatje’s Running in the Family. It turned out to be a book which everyone enjoyed.  The prose, the fascinating portrayal of his life with his parents in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). Michael Ondaatje, an award-winning,  Sri Lanka born Canadian writer has woven aContinue reading “The Book Club – February Chapter”

Ek Chadar Maili Si – by Rajendar Singh Bedi

Ek Chadar Maili Si, is the story of Rano. A strong willed woman, on death of her husband, she has to succumb to societal pressure into marrying her brother-in-law whom she has raised almost like a son. This is the story of her journey.

On Pinjar by Amrita Pritam

This year, I resolved to read at least 1 book/story/article or poem in Hindi or Punjabi. I started with Pinjar. Pinjar is Punjabi for a skeleton. This book, set in the years leading to the partition of India and the partition itself, revolves around a Hindu girl Puro from a village in Gujarat. At differentContinue reading “On Pinjar by Amrita Pritam”

The Book Life

Book Reviews The Grand Sophy – Georgette Heyer  Meet The Grand Sophy. Someone completely out of place in the typical Austenian family setting with the mother looking for a match for her daughter, the strict older brother, the jovial but disconnected father and a very staid, restricted way of life governed primarily by the strictContinue reading “The Book Life”